Training and Education

Your Skin Is In Program

Your Skin Is In is an educational, pledge based program and contest that encourages college students to make a personal promise that they will protect the skin they're in. Over the past 8 years, the Melanoma Foundation of New England has traveled all over New England, exposing over 500,000 students to this educational program. Your Skin Is In e-learning program has gone national! Click here to learn more!


Enright Sun Safety Certification Programs

Get Educated and Certified in Sun Safety today!

The Enright Melanoma Foundation is transforming the way we learn about staying safe in the sun.  In about 20 minutes, you can get educated and certified in sun safety through the online Enright Sun Safety Certification programs. The courses are taught through an advanced e-learning platform with engaging visuals, a healthy dose of creativity, proven instructional methods, and a highly interactive user experience. All of which makes learning about sun safety FUN and EASY.  These educational programs were designed by our nonprofits skin cancer professionals, and are available FREE to the public at Check the program introduction video here.

Curriculum for Health Courses

This teaching case can be used in any undergraduate or graduate course in the health professions (e.g., public health, nursing, psychology, health communications, health sciences).

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